I absolutely recommend home birth or using the midwives or services provided at Centro MAM! I had an amazing birth and i am so grateful for Vanessa Caldari and her very well trained midwives assistants who helped me during my wonderful and intense 3 hour labor. I felt so supported and special. I was encouraged, massaged, attended with utmost care and served like a queen! I have never felt so loved and taken care of, it was truly beautiful and my heart is forever grateful for the wonderful work these women do to help us give birth naturally and how we desire. Please share and recommend this place to any women or couple who want to give birth and needs support and valuable information to prepare during their pregnancy. Knowledge is power and women need to be empowered by learning that they can give birth naturally and without medications as long as they are not a high risk pregnacy. Best of luck to all mommies to be and thank you to the MAM team for such a magnificent experience!.

Suntaz Sienna,